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Dear Viewer,

Welcome to the exciting world of the Jaguar XK8/XKR Enthusiasts Club (XKEC for short).

"A club that embraces, celebrates and focuses on the overall preservation of the XK model (X100 and X150 models) from its original evolution in 1996 to the present day"

The XKEC brings together an international community of XK owners and enthusiasts which is currently represented across 16 countries. The club is proud to acknowledge that it has become the largest single model club of its kind that is dedicated solely to these particular Jaguar models.

The Club dedicates its time, energy and enthusiasm into running a very enjoyable venture and one that offers what we feel is the ideal membership package expected from a modern day car club.

We are very pleased to say that you do not have to be an owner of one of these cars to enjoy the benefits - far from it. We very much welcome those who also seek advice on purchasing or owning such a car or simply want to find out more about the car in general.

When joining a car club we know members seek a membership that is both cost effective and enjoyable. Our aim is not just to enjoy your cars but to also enjoy the whole experience of making new friends with similar like-minded individuals who all share the same passion. The whole family can enjoy our “family” atmosphere, whether it be attending any of our numerous events, reading our digital magazine or simply chatting to members via our forum. We aim to create a club that anyone, of any age, can enjoy and take part in, however small or large they want to contribute.

So, if you love the modern day XK and simply want to share that experience then why not join our club. We are very friendly and approachable and we are very much “more than just a club”.

To join in the fun and enjoy everything we have on offer simply click on the following button, you won't be sorry.


Mark Gregory







I tell you - the best money I have spent on my XK8 is the membership fee of the XKEC (and i haven't even got a car yet) UK Member Peter Hodson

As a new member I just wanted to thank you and the team for all your hard work in running the Club.  The Growler magazine is excellent and the Forum an essential resource.  As I am new to the XK8 my car has a few niggles, not surprising after 11 years. The Forum has solved my dropping windows problem and the misting headlamp will be next.  So well worth the membership fee plus reduced insurance with FJ.  Hope to meet up with other members before long. UK Member Steve Snook

We are looking forward to becoming active members within the club.  As you know, we have been looking around for sometime at the various Jaguar clubs, and I have to say, our experience so far of the XKEC is extremely professional. UK Member Cliff Pattison

Having been a member since 2005, I have found the XKEC to be a really friendly, worthwhile and helpful Club to join - for any XK enthusiast or owner there is certainly something of benefit for everyone! The number of Club events which are regularly organised each year, internationally, nationally and locally, is growing fast, and these are held at a variety of places of interest, or involve well planned driving tours. They are aimed at being very friendly and sociable occasions - focused mainly on members’ enjoyment  - rather than being too heavily centred on car related or technical matters. I feel that membership of the XKEC offers a great blend of benefits, for those who want to modify their cars to achieve ultimate performance, those who want to gain advice and knowledge of how to repair and maintain their cars to the highest standards, others who want parts and services at a discount, and those who simply want to enhance their enjoyment of owning and driving their wonderful XKs by attending the superb events that are organised! Without a doubt this is more than just a Club.! UK Member Alan Jan-Janin

Having been a member of the XKEC for some years I've found there is a very mixed yet enthusiastic membership. When entering one of their get together's one soon feels 'At home'. Again in the Members only Forum, this is very lively and whenever a question has been posted I've found not only a quick answer but also some good friendly banter so one feels you are talking to Friends." UK Member Norman Durban

"We sure enjoyed our trip to GROWLER VIII to see the enormous amount of beautiful cars and everything else. You can be sure to see us again at some future event!" Netherlands Member Wouter Harenberg

As a result of our membership to the XKEC we were delighted to be able to use the Used Vehicle Advisory Team facility that was extremely helpful in making the decision to purchase an XK8 I found the response to our request was by return and the advice thorough. Again thank you and your team for your support". UK Member Jeff Skidmore

"Many thanks for an opportunity to see the latest edition of your club mag. It's a stylish production that befits a stylish club! As I am reminded each morning, a lot of the pleasure in owning a Jaguar comes from simply driving it. It is good to see the XKEC promoting just that.
With best wishes to you and your members"
John Maries - Executive Director - JDHT

"I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Growler. I think the Growler must be one of the best magazines issued by a club the size of the XKEC. There are many much larger (non-Jaguar) clubs who don't manage anything near it." Paul Skilleter - JWM

"Carlsberg don't do Car Clubs but if they did it would only be the second best Car Club in the World." UK Member Pete Tapper

"Although I thought the old website was not bad at all, the new one is a massive improvement - and I have not looked at all the facilities yet! These things never just happen. You can be very proud of the club's achievements in its short life under your leadership" UK Member Karl Schleich

“A truly fantastic club bringing owners and enthusiasts from around the world together, to share from and learn from each others experiences. Great choice of events put together, a very informative and entertaining Forum site and a comprehensive range of benefits available to members” UK Member Mike Campbell